Salinas-Monterey Area Agriculture

Salinas Valley Salinas valley(Celery) Salinas valley(Cauliflower)

The soil in this Salinas Valley grows season vegetable crops

The humid environment of this coastal region

“The marine influence of the Pacific Ocean flows into the Salinas valley and creates ideal conditions for crops”

“Located in the central coast region of California, Monterey county encompasses the fertile, agriculturally important Salinas Valley. The valley, framed by mountain ranges on the east and west, runs the length of the county and is the site of most of the agricultural activities in the county. The north end of the Salinas Valley opens to the Pacific Ocean, source of the marine influence that cools the valley and makes possible the wide range of crops found here.” Because the lithosphere, atmosphere, and the hydrosphere, Monterey County’s value is a total of over $1.9 billion which makes the county the fourth highest agricultural producing county in California. As a result, “the total land devoted to agriculture is approximately 1.4 million acres, and irrigated land is around 220,000 acres.” Monterey County agriculture is notable for its broad diversity of crops, many of which are grown year-round.

Because of its diversity, Monterey County has the highest percentage of acres devoted to cool-season vegetables, such as artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, Asian vegetables, lettuce, and spinach. But as the temperature increases in the county’s southern half, farmers grow warm-season vegetables, including carrot, pepper, potato, and tomato. Finally, Monterey County is home to a sizable wine grape industry and approximately one-third of the state’s annual strawberry yield.


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