Salinas Agriculture History

“In the mid-1800s, Salinas’ agricultural industry began to grow. In 1867, several local businessmen laid-out a town plan and enticed the Southern Pacific Railroad to build its tracks through Salinas City” (<;). With the railroads in place, more people came.

Agriculture, Salinas major industry, expanded greatly during the Depression, fueled by ideal soils and climate, and sustained by innovations such as irrigation systems that were developed for sugar beets . With its ideal soils and climate and the irrigation systems “Agriculture continued as the area’s major industry and by the end of World War I, the ‘green gold’ growing in the fields helped make Salinas one of the wealthiest cities (per capita) in the United States”(<;). As a result, the growing agriculture industry demands a need for workers. Because this industry required cheap labor, emigration and Immigration occurred.

Salinas Valley



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